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We're a small press specializing in books for the design and construction industry. All of our construction books are written as graphic narratives using a combination of three-dimensional illustrations, interactive 3D construction models, short videos, captioned text, and interactive media.

Our goal is to keep our construction books simple. The objective is to make complex construction information quick to read and easy to understand. To accomplish this we use very accurate 3D construction models built with a simple three-dimensional construction modeler called SketchUp. Google SketchUp is free.

We use small and tiny houses to field test construction models in the real world. This includes interactive websites, games, and other graphical devices that explore the effectiveness of 3D construction models, construction books, sequence animations, process simulations, and three-dimensional construction documents.


Construction Book: Archer Florida

Our research objective is to develop visually collaborative information systems. Ideas for these systems are tested on the pages of our books. This means feedback and reaction to the multimedia content of each book tests the effectiveness of many different forms of communications.

Construction Book: SketchUp Models Extrusions
Scaled Extrusions

Each piece in a construction model is built to operate at full scale and exact dimensions.



Construction Book: SketchUp Models - Organization
Model Organization
Models are organized to display different combinations of construction information.



Construction Book: SketchUp Models - Embedded Details
Context Models
Engineered details are shown in context and in the sequence of their construction.



Construction Book: SketchUp Models - Export
Graphic Export

Scenes from the 3D models are exported and edited as 2D illustrations.


Construction Book: SketchUp Models - Page Layout
Page Layout

Illustrations are inserted and annotated in a presentation or text-based program.



Construction Book: SketchUp Models - Chapter Layout
Chapter Layouts

Construction information is a dynamic and sequential process captured on panels and pages.

The FREE programs used to model, illustrate, write, and edit our books.

SketchUp: 3D modeler
Scribus: desktop publishing
Xn View: image editor
OpenOffice: paint/draw
Coffee Cup: HTML editor
OpenProj: project manager
AVG: web/email security
PDF Fill, PDF write/tools WINK: screenhots and video recorder

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